Monday, March 27, 2017

If April showers bring May flowers... 
then the recent March snow brings new ways to grow! 

These classes are next up in April + May…  
for more information, explore our online course catalog

Painting + Canvas

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Abstract Painting
Creative Contemporary Collage


Intro To Digital Photography
Advanced Portrait Photography
Wedding Photography
Travel Photography
Nature Photography Special Topic:  Water
Photography as Business


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Continuing Culinary Training
Local, Fresh, and Affordable
Luscious Cupcakes
Thai Cooking: Adventures of Pok Pok II
Cooking Across America: West of the Mississippi
Weekend Grilling

Fibers + Textiles + Clay


Introductory Ceramics
Sewing – Continuing
Project Runway II

Natural Dyes
Hand Sewing Made Easy

Design + Fabrication

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3D Printing For Anyone with the CCBC FAb Lab!
Intro to Wax Forms For Casting
Intro To Graphic Design
Poster and Print Design

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Wire Wrapping - April
Jewelry Wire Wrapping - May
Laser Cut Jewelry CCBC FAb Lab!
Jewelry From Chainmaille

Have questions? Interested in teaching or hosting a class at your site as a CCBC partner? 

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